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New dimensions: Type M - Mugano

Typ M – Mugano jetzt auch in 7,5 x 17“ und 8,0 x 18“

Mugano now available in 7,5 x 17" and 8,0 x 18"

From winter on the new double spoke design Mugano is also offered in the dimensions
7,5 x 17" an 8,0 x 18".

Type M appears very stylish thanks to its strongly contoured spokes and its detailed centre (OE Mer-cedes-Benz centre-cap can be used) and is specially developed for Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

Among others, the new dimensions are available with ABE for the following vehicles:
-    Mercedes-Benz GLC (204X)
-    Mercedes-Benz E-class (from model year 2016)
Mugano is also applicable for many models of the brands Audi, Seat, Skoda and VW for example the new Audi A5 and Q5.