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The tyre pressure monitoring sensor iM TPMS

What is iM TPMS?

The multi-application sensor iM TPMS is the first aftermarket sensor with valve in our product range which does not need to be programmed. It only has to be trained on the vehicle. Various sensor variants with different protocols cover nearly all vehicles in the market.

Advantages of iM TPMS:

  • The vehicle protocols are already installed on the sensor so programming is not necessary
  • Fast and easy mounting
  • Very high vehicle coverage with approximately 95 % of the cars in the market with directly measuring TPMS
  • Low weight, an increased unbalance is avoided at the complete wheel
  • Available with silver or black high quality aluminium valve
  • Reading with common programming tools possible
  • Average battery lifetime from 5 – 8 years (depending on mileage)
  • You can find detailed applications in our configurator
  • We can also provide you with detailed applications lists
  • Available at very attractive conditions

iM TPMS installation instruction

  1. Insert valve stem into the valve hole of the wheel.

  2. Install washer and hexagonal nut on the valve stem.

  3. Use wrench to hold valve stem and tighten the hexagonal nut with 4.0 Nm.

  4. The installation is finished.

Safety information

Please read all instructions before installation. An incorrect installation can lead to the TPMS system is not operating properly. The sensors always should be installed and paired by trained professionals. Please refer to the owner’s manual.

Do not install damaged components (wheel, tyre or sensor). If the TPMS system fails to operate properly please check all installation procedures to ensure a correct installation.

If your TPMS system continues to fail to operate properly (for example the TPMS light is illuminated), please consult a repair facility that is trained in TPMS installation and repair. A faulty TPMS system can lead to unnoticed damage to wheel and tyre that could result in accidents with personal injuries.

The vehicle owner is responsible for the complete functionality of the TPMS system.

Each time a tyre is dismounted or the sensor is removed or replaced, please note that the grommet, washer, nut and valve core must be renewed to ensure proper sealing.