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Light alloy wheels are subject to external influences like brake dust, dirt, wetness, salt and stone-chipping. In the long run all these influences may damage the wheels.

Please take notice of the following instructions concerning care and cleaning of your wheels in order to take much pleasure in your wheels for a long time.

How often do I have to clean the light alloy wheels?

The longer your wheel is dirty and the more aggressive the dirt is, the faster the wheel can be damaged.
Light alloy wheels should be cleaned every 2 weeks both on the front and on the back side. Consequently no brake dust, dirt or salt can adhere on the surface. In winter the wheels should be cleaned weekly.

What do I have to keep in mind when choosing a cleaning agent?

Basically your wheels should be cleaned by using warm water, usual car shampoo or rinsing agent. When using wheel cleaners, please read the directions of the producer (residence time, instructions for use) previous to the application.
Please do not use any aggressive detergents containing solvents, acid or alcohol. They do not only damage the paint but may also damage brake discs, brake-hoses or wheel bolts.

What else do I have to consider?

Please clean your wheels when they are cold in order to avoid a drying of the rinsing agent.

  • Do not exceed the residence time of the cleaner. 
  • Please use neat sponges or brushes for cleaning your wheels.
  • Do not use scouring agents, steel wool, pot cleaners, scale removers or car polish.
  • The wheels should be cleaned both on the front and on the back side.
  • Please rinse the cleaning agent off the wheel after using.
  • In the car wash your wheels should only get in contact with soft brushes or textiles.
  • Defects in paint work should be mended promptly in order to avoid an oxidation of the wheel.
  • Additionally you can use wheel sealings for the maintenance of your wheels. Please consider the enclosed directions of use previous to application.