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Frequently asked questions

Below you can find some answers to frequently asked questions.

Your question is not answered? Just send us an e-mail or contact us via phone at +49 (0)6235 9266-0. We will pleased to help you.


Does AUTEC sale directly to end customers?

No, we only distribute our wheels via tyre dealers, workshops and car dealers. You can find your nearest AUTEC dealer here.

Do you have a factory outlet?

Unfortunately, no.

Do AUTEC wheels and TPMS have a warranty?

We grant a 3 year warranty from date of purchase January 1st, 2015 on all technical features including paint resistance (in consideration to our terms and conditions) - lifetime guarantee on strength properties.
AUTEC wheels that are purchased before January 1st, 2015 are covered by the legal warranty claims of a 2 year period.

Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS):
On our exclusively distributed tyre pressure sensors, iM TPMS, we guarantee a 24 months lifetime (battery power) or a mileage of 30,000 km – whichever case occurs first.

All other TPMS products (OEM sensors, other manufacturers) are subject to the manufacturer’s conditions. Processing and complaint decision are performed by the respective manufacturer.

Where can I buy accessories like centre caps, centre rings or wheel bolts?

If you require accessories like centre caps, centre rings or wheel bolts, please contact your dealer. A direct purchase is unfortunately not possible.

My wheel has a painting scratch. Are there touch-up pencils or colour codes available so I can remove the damage?

No. Our wheels are painted with individual developed colours this is why it’s not possible to define a certain colour code. We also don’t offer touch-up pencils. We recommend you to use a similarly coloured touch-up pencil or analyse the wheel colour by a specialist paint shop. They are using a colour measuring device (spectral analysis) that determines the paint particles that are necessary for the lacquer composition. After that they mix the colour according to the analysis.  

What is the weight of my AUTEC wheel?

As the weights vary within a wheel design and a wheel size depending on the offset and the pitch circle diameter, please contact our sales team. We will be pleased to give you further information.

I have a complaint, what should I do?

Please contact your dealer where you bought the wheels from. Your dealer will assess the complaint and forward it to us if necessary. Important: Don’t forget the receipt!  

Can I use polished wheels in winter?

Our design program is marked with weather icons. Wheels that we mark for the use in winter are powder-coated and therefore especially effective against the extreme conditions of winter.

Which wheels are recommended for the use in winter?

All wheels they are labelled with a snow flake in our design program.

How should I clean my AUTEC wheels?

We recommend you to clean your wheels constantly with warm water and standard detergent or car shampoo. Please do not use acidic, solvent or alcohol containing cleaning supplies as they can damage the paint. We provide detailed cleaning instructions here

I am a dealer and I would like to sell AUTEC wheels. What do I have to do?

We appreciate your interest and kindly ask you to send us your business registration with all your contact data (for example a letterhead) via E-Mail to info[at] We will contact you thereupon as soon as possible.


Where can I obtain an ABE or a part certificate for my AUTEC wheels?

You can download the certificates of all current AUTEC designs in our configurator for free. 

I am looking for a certificate for an older wheel design, what do I have to do?

Unfortunately we cannot provide certificates from older wheel designs online anymore. We kindly ask you to fill out the order form completely and click on the “submit” button afterwards. Please understand that we have to charge a contribution fee of 20.00 € for the provision of certificates that are not shown in the configurator. If there is no certificate for your wheel available there are no costs for you of course. 

Why does the certificate don't include my vehicle?

Either the wheel does not fit on your vehicle due its size or your vehicle is a new model which is not listed in the certificate yet. In case of doubt please contact us, we will gladly give you more information.

I live in Switzerland and I need a declaration of aptitude, what do I have to do?

Please contact our main importer in Switzerland:

CAREX Autozubehör AG
Felbenstraße 14
9403 Goldach
Tel. +41 71 844 07 00
E-mail: carex[at]


Which wheel / which TPMS fits on my vehicle?

You can check the approved wheels and TPMS for your vehicle in our wheel configurator. Furthermore you have the possibility to see whether the desired wheel/TPMS is on stock or not.

What means "OE centre cap"?

OE centre cap means that an original centre cap of the vehicle manufacturer can be used.

What means "ECE"?

ECE stands for Economic Commission for Europe. This commission determines international regulations for vehicles and their accessories. AUTEC wheels with ECE identification just like Skandic ECE, Polaric ECE, Ionik ECE and Astana ECE comply with these standards and are applicable Europe-wide without correction of the vehicle documents, the carriage of an ABE is not necessary. Wheels with ECE identification are replacement wheels with equal dimensions and have therefore the identical sizes like wheels that are mounted as standard on the vehicle. Furthermore usually the original fitting kits of the vehicle manufacturer can be used when mounting the wheel. 

What means "The certificate ist not available yet, please contact us!" (= red download icon)?

This information appears when there is no certificate available for the chosen wheel/vehicle combination. However, the wheels are already technically approved for the chosen vehicle. In most cases there is either a new vehicle model or a new wheel design from our program. Our sales team will be happy to give you further information when the rework of the ABE is expected.

Wheel mounting

What do I have to consider basically?

It is important that the contact surfaces of wheel and vehicle and also the vehicle hub are free from dirt and corrosion. A soiling can be removed by using a wire brush. Before mounting you also have to remove possible centering pins and serrated washers. Make sure that the wheel fixing components (bolts and nuts), bolt holes, brake discs and brake linings are absolutely free from oils, greases and any other lubricants as it may cause safety-relevant problems. When mounting the wheel you should only use the added wheel fixing components unless the original fixing components of the vehicle manufacturer can be applied.

What is the right tightening torque to mount AUTEC wheels?

The recommended tightening torque for your wheels and your vehicle is specified in the certificate. 

May I use fasteners from other manufacturers when mounting the wheel?

No because AUTEC wheels are tested and approved with the added fasteners respectively the original fasteners only. It is inadvisable to use any other brands for reasons of the product safety.

Tyre pressure monitoring systems (TPMS)

What are TPMS?

TPMS are tyre pressure monitoring systems that measure constantly the air pressure inside pneumatic tyres. Tyre pressure loss is reported at an early stage so that increased fuel consumption or even damages on the tyre can be avoided.

What is the difference between directly and indirectly measuring TPMS?

Directly measuring TPMS are mounted within the tyre or the wheel and determine constantly the air pressure of every single tyre and send this information to the cockpit.  
Indirectly measuring TPMS use technology that already exists in the vehicle: ABS sensors measure the wheel speeds and calculate from these the air pressure of the tyres.  

Do I need tyre pressure sensors for my vehicle?

Since November 1st, 2014 all new registered vehicles must be equipped with a TPMS. If your vehicle is younger there is a high possibility that it is equipped with a tyre pressure monitoring system. You are on the safe side if you consult a specialist dealer. He can tell you immediately if your vehicle has a TPMS or not. Older vehicles don’t need to be retrofitted.

How can I see if my vehicle has a direct or indirect system?

If the air pressure is shown per tyre in the cockpit there is a strong possibility that your vehicle has a directly measuring TPMS. An indirect system indicates usually a symbol in the form of an exclamation mark. In case of uncertainties please contact your car dealer.

What has to be considered when I change my wheels?

For vehicles with directly measuring TPMS we recommend you to consult a specialist workshop to do the wheel change. They have the necessary know-how and the required technology so that the tyre pressure monitoring system works right after the wheel change.

How long is the battery lifetime of a directly measuring TPMS?

The battery life of the sensors varies depending on driving performance, climatic conditions, manufacturer and storage. Since a battery change is not possible, the sensors must be completely replaced.
Please observe the corresponding applicable warranty conditions of the respective TPMS manufacturer. Please contact us if you have any questions.