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Up to heavy duty challenges

Attractive shoes are an eye-catcher, that applies to trailers, too...

Until now there have been only a few light alloy wheels in the market, that are designed for heavy duty requirements - especially for caravans and trailers.

Owners of caravans and trailers will certainly be thrilled about Tigris and Yuna from our heavy duty line - the two totally different designs master high wheel loads with bravery!

Both wheels are tailor-made especially for car trailers. Whether caravans, horse, dog and other car trailers - both wheels have a maximum axle load of 2,200 kg and are the ideal companions for every car trailer.


Tigris and Yuna have a national type approval (KBA number). That ensures that these wheels correspond to the national policies and test specifications. The KBA number is a unique number that is registered by the German Federal Motor Transport Authority. If you have any questions we are here to help.


Tel.: +49 6235 / 9266-0
E-Mail: info[at]


  • High axle load up to 2,200 kg
  • With national type approval (KBA number)
  • Fitting kits available on request
  • Tigris is offered in 6,0 x 14 and 6,0 x 15 with PCD 4/100 (Offset 30) and 5/112 (Offset 30)
  • Yuna is available in 6,0 x 15 with PCD 4/100 (Offset 30) and 5/112 (Offset 30)
  • Easy to clean
  • Tigris is available in black polished and graphite
  • Yuna is offered in graphite polished and brilliant silver
  • Brilliant silver and graphite also for winter use
  • 3 year guarantee on all technical features including paint resistance
  • Lifetime guarantee on strength properties


TIGRIS Schwarz poliert


 TIGRIS Graphit


 YUNA Brillantsilber


 YUNA Graphit poliert