For Caravans and Trailers

Tigris and Yuna

So far, there are only a few aluminium rims on the market that are suitable for caravans and trailers.
Caravan and trailer owners can now enjoy our designs Tigris and Yuna.



Whether caravan, tent, horse or dog trailers -
our designs Tigris and Yuna are precisely tailored to the needs of car trailers.

Both wheels have a maximum axle load of 2,200 kg and are the ideal companions for every car trailer.


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High axle load up to 2,200 kg

Fitting kits available on request

Easy to clean

3 year guarantee on all technical features including paint resistance

Lifetime guarantee on strength properties

Tigris and Yuna have a national type approval (KBA number). That ensures that these wheels correspond to the german policies and test specifications.
If you have any questions we are here to help.


6,0 x 14" with PCD 4/100 (offset 30) and 5/112 (offset 30)
6,0 x 15"  with PCD 4/100 (offset 30) und 5/112 (offset 30)

Colour options:
Graphite + black polished


6,0 x 15" with PCD 4/100 (offset 30) and 5/112 (offset 30)

Colour options:
Brilliant silver + graphite polished

Tigris black polished

Yuna graphite polished


TIGRIS Black polished

TIGRIS Graphite

YUNA Brilliant silver

YUNA Graphite polished