Spring 2023


Our new wheel designs Valea and Kiso are now available and our
performance wheel ClubRacing EVO  will be also offered in 10 x 18 and 11 x 18.
Furthermore, Uteca is also available in 8,5 x 18 and 9,5 x 19.

The classic with that certain something

Type VL - Valea

Valea owes its visual dimension mainly the straight connection from spokes to rim flange. The recessed central area gives this classic wheel a special appearance.

The three dimensions with  4- and 5-hole mountings make Valea a very versatile design:

6.5 x 16":      PCD 4/100    PCD 4/108    PCD 5/100    PCD 5/108     PCD 5/112    PCD 5/114,3     
7.0 x 17":    PCD 4/100    PCD 4/108PCD 5/100PCD 5/108PCD 5/112PCD 5/114,3
7.5 x 18":     PCD 4/108  PCD 5/112PCD 5/114,3

Valea is offered in brilliant silver and black. 

Reliable companion for high loads

Type KS - Kiso

Kiso convinces with a high wheel load up to 1,400 kg and is the perfect companion for the most light trucks, vans and busses. Kiso also gives caravans and camping vehicles a unique appearance.

Kiso is available from 16 to 18 inch for many vehicles with 5-hole mountings:

6.5 x 16":  PCD 5/112   5/114,3    5/120  5/130 
7.0 x 17":    PCD    5/108    5/112   5/114,3   5/118    5/120    5/130    5/160 
7.5 x 18":  PCD 5/112 5/1185/1205/130 

Offered in titanium silver, black and black polished.

ClubRacing EVO

Our innovative performance wheel for racetrack and road is a real lightweight due to the applied flow forming technology.

From spring 2023 CR EVO is also available in the sportive dimensions 10 x 18 and 11 x 18.

It is available with TÜV partial certificate and firmness certificate e.g. for Suzuki Swift Sport, BMW M3 [E36/E46], VW Golf GTI Clubsport, Toyota Yaris GR and Renault Mégane RS.

More information and Club Line configurator

For TESLA Model 3 and Y

Uteca in 18 + 19 inch

Attention Tesla fans!  The double spoke design Uteca is additionally offered in 8.5 x 18" and 9.5 x 19".
The 18-inch variant and can be installed on the Tesla Model 3, while the 19-inch variant was specially developed for the Model Y.

8.5 x 18"
  9.5 x 19"
PCD 5/112   Offset 36BMW i4PCD 5/112Offset 38BMW X5, X6
PCD 5/112Offset 50Mercedes-Benz EQA, EQB    PCD 5/112Offset 42Mercedes-Benz E-Klasse
PCD 5/114,3   Offset 40   Tesla Model 3PCD 5/114,3   Offset 45   Tesla Model Y

Uteca is available in titanium silver, black and black polished.

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