Especially for camping vehicles

Kiso and Quantro

Drive wherever you want. Stay wherever you want. Camping vehicle owners are individualists, even when it comes to choosing their aluminium rims.

Until now there are only a few wheels on the market that are especially designed for high loads. Our wheels Kiso and Quantro are designed for vans and transporters and therefore are particularly suitable for camping vehicles.

Their prominent and expressive designs gives your camper an individual look and upgrades it optically. You and your neighbours on the camper site will be impressed!

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Type KS - Kiso

  • High axle load up to 2,800 kg
  • Available in 6,5 x 16 | 7,0 x 17 und 7,5 x 18
  • For many vehicles with 5 hole mountings
  • Offered in black polished, black and titanium silver

Type Q - Quantro

  • High axle load up to 2,520 kg
  • Available in 6,0 x 15 | 6,5 x 16 | 7,0 x 17 und 7,5 x 18
  • For many vehicles with 5 and 6 hole mountings
  • Offered in black matt, black polished and brilliant silver

Kiso and Quantro

Suitable for many camping vehicles

Both wheels are particularly designed for heavy vehicles such as vans, transporter and light trucks.
Therefore Kiso and Quantro are suitable for many camping vehicles on the basis of:


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We can advise you

The search for attractive alloy wheels for campers is mostly difficult as the wheel gets a different key number in the registration certificate after conversion of the vehicle.
Thus wheel configurators offen only contain the basic vehicles and not the camping vehicles.

If it is a vehicle with special purpose body and is not covered by the ABE, the wheel has to be included into the vehicle documents by the Technical Control Board (TÜV).

Therefore we have a special service for owners of camping vehicles:

The AUTEC teams offers a comprehensive advice on this subject per phone or e-mail. Based on your information and your registration certificate we verify on which basic vehicle your camper is built and we recommend the appropriate AUTEC wheels.




KISO black

QUANTRO brilliant silver
(5 hole)

QUANTRO brilliant silver
(6 hole)

KISO black polished

QUANTRO black polished
(5 hole)

QUANTRO black polished
(6 hole)

KISO titanium silver

QUANTRO black matt
(5 hole)

QUANTRO black matt
(6 hole)